Month: October 2023

GreenMine hires Stopford Engineering

GreenMine has now contracted Stopford ( to assist in site due diligence and plant certification for use in the UK. Our first site should be operational in less than 12 months and producing revenues of circa 300k per month. The plant will be lease financed. GreenMine's Video Register for an IM below if your interested in having a look: Get the Information Memorandum

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Pyrolysise gains tractions as application grows

GreenMine is looking for support for development of its first Waste Carbonisation Plant (WCP). Carbonisation, which is an extreme form of Pyrolysis, featuring two chambers, is really gaining traction as a solution to process completely unsorted waste. We have had a lot of interest from the industry and interestingly Water companies, seeking to process their waste, and turn this into bio-char, which is considered to be black gold: Betting Big on Black Gold This is much more acceptable than pumping out effluent directly into our rivers, completely illegally. This scandal has been in the news recently and the water companies are keen to resolve [...]

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Betting big on black gold for the offset market

Biochar technology is showing real potential for helping to mitigate climate change as well as reducing waste and producing energy as a byproduct. But what exactly is biochar and what is it made of? Biochar, or “black gold”, is a lightweight black residue made of carbon and ashes, remaining after heating biomass in a controlled process called pyrolysis. It is rich in pyrogenic carbon and can endure in soil for thousands of years. Although it looks a lot like common charcoal, biochar is produced using a specific process to reduce contamination and safely store carbon. During pyrolysis organic materials, such as wood [...]

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