Month: January 2024

Project team expands

We have appointed Chris Farmer to lead the project delivery side of our innovative, new solution to landfill. Chris will be working with the wider team on site identification and acquisition, then right throughout the complete project delivery from inception to operation of all new sites. He said: “We’re at a really exciting stage for GreenMine as business leaders grapple with their environmental and sustainability strategies on their journeys to net zero. Our new waste carbonisation technology, with near-to-zero emissions, offers a real game-changing solution to reduce greenhouse gases during the waste disposal process and will play a part in reclaiming historic, [...]

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landfill solution

Landfill stinks

By Nick Dimmock, Director of Investor Relations at 350PPM And we’re not just talking about the smell. The whole concept of landfill is a horrendous blight on the environment and the long-term impact, even after landfill sites have stopped accepting waste, can still be felt for decades. The 2,200-acre Apex Regional Landfill in Las Vegas receives about 9,000 tons of municipal solid waste daily. It is the biggest in the US and has a projected life of 250 years. According to the International Solid Waste Association, a roadmap for closing waste dumpsites determined that landfill sites currently contain approximately 40% of the world's [...]

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GreenMine is funding now and expects to have its first site operational by August 2024

GreenMine has co-developed a waste solution that processes unsorted waste into Bio-Coal (for electricity generation), Bio-Char (for agriculture), Bio-oil (numerous applications) and mineral recyclables (metals and minerals recycling). The exact proportions of the above offtakes depend on the constituents of the waste. Thus, GreenMine provides a solution for dealing with new waste, which benefits from a £90 per ton gate fee, and for dealing with legacy waste that has been sitting in landfill for years and could be now processed into the offtakes as detailed above and thus remediate landfill sites, returning them to brownfield or greenfield, ready for either industrial, [...]

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