Month: November 2023

GreenMine is the new trading name for Pyrolysise

GreenMine, the new trading name of Pyrolysise Ltd, is gaining significant traction. GreenMine has co-developed a series of technologies designed for processing unsorted municipal waste (including plastics) from kerbside collection and landfill sites. One of them is detailed here. Municipal waste is a significant contributor to atmospheric pollution with landfill accounting for 4% of greenhouse gases in the UK. Landfills can also contaminate water supply through leachate into the subsoil. With GreenMine's technology, unsorted waste can be processed into bio-coal (allowing energy generation), bio-char (the new black gold), bio-oil (including lignin) and recyclables (glass, metals, minerals etc). Green baseload power and as [...]

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Ground-breaking waste carbonisation developer appoints Stopford

We have appointed the multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy, Stopford, to support site due diligence and plant compliance for use in the UK, working towards the target to have our first UK plant operational by Q3 2024. Two potential industrial sites have already been identified specifically for the purpose of a pilot programme for three tonnes per hour plant converting municipal/medical waste to generate electricity for a grid connection. Stopford will undertake a desk study of the selected sites to assess whether they are fit for purpose, and secure planning and environmental permitting as part of its overall due diligence scope of work which also includes monitoring the plants’ performance [...]

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GreenMine Identifies Second Site

GreenMine has identified a second site for installation of its Waste Carbonisation Plants (WCP’s). The WCP’s can process unsorted waste, emissions and particle pollutants free, producing offtakes: Mineral Recyclables, Bio-Coal, Bio-Char and Bio-Oil. For these sites and others, we will be working with counterparties on site to utilise the Bio-Coal to develop baseload green energy and export to the grid. The mineral recyclables, bio-char and bio-oils will be sold off separately. One WCP, lease financed for circa £5M, will develop revenues of circa £290K per month. One WCP, which is based overseas, is currently processing 10% Municipal Solid Waste and 90% Plastic – which [...]

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