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waste carbonisation plant

GreenMine Scales and Gets Attention

Development for GreenMine (which is the trading name for Pyrolysise Ltd) started in 2017 and has involved the founder, John Bell investing circa £1.5M of his own money. This has led to the co-development of two technologies: which can process unsorted waste, emissions free and generate valuable offtakes. Some of these offtakes can be utilised to generate electricity, which means circa 35,000 MWh’s PA of decentralised energy generation per site. Other offtakes will be sold to agriculture and industry. GreenMine has been picked up in the industry press a fair bit of late. Here are a small selection of articles on them: Energy Central Alt [...]

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GreenMine Attracts Institutional Interest

GreenMine has secured Institutional interest that could fully fund the company and all its ambitions. Below are the revisited the developments of GreenMine, its team and objectives: Co-development of two types of technology, which deal with unsorted waste - emissions free. Creation of offtake products that can be used to generate electricity on site, meaning 2-3 MW of BASELOAD electricity into the grid, potentially at hundreds of locations across the country.a) With the demands for electricity increasing due to heat pumps, electric cars, the difficulties in bringing offshore wind energy onshore and getting it round the grid, this is a perfect opportunity to [...]

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GreenMine secures advance assurance for Enterprise Investment Scheme

We’re pleased to report that GreenMine has been awarded advanced assurance for the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). This assurance confirms that HMRC agrees that an investment in GreenMine would meet the conditions of a venture capital scheme and that the company can issue certificates to investors to claim tax relief. All businesses applying for the EIS must submit extensive data for HMRC’s due diligence process, including the business plan and financial forecasts, how investments will be used, details of all trading, activities and expenditures, and the investor proposal. What is the EIS? The EIS was launched in 1994 by the UK government as [...]

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GIS software for landfill

GreenMine zones in on landfill crisis

We have kicked off work with our specialist GIS software to identify suitable landfill sites specifically for landfill mining remedial operations. We're on a mission to clean up the environment by providing a ground-breaking solution for pollution emitting from problematic sites. We aim to remove the reliance on landfill sites and create the opportunity for sustainable urban living that aesthetically blends with local landscapes. Furthermore, our technology is capable of both generating energy and sequestration of carbon. What is GIS? A GIS (geographic information system) software program is designed to provide the ability to create, store, manage, query, analyse and visualise geographic data [...]

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GreenMine begins its run of the entrepreneurial gauntlet to Institutional Investment

As a quick brief, GreenMine has co-developed technology that can process UNSORTED waste on an emission free basis. GreenMine will now start small waste projects around the UK in phase 1 of their ambitious plans. In phase 2, GreenMine will increase the size of the Waste Processing Units and start processing, remediating, and cleaning 50 Hectare + landfill sites ready for redevelopment of housing. Where possible GreenMine will encourage Eco-Housing, which is more attractive to consumers and can command a higher price from developers for the land. GreenMine – solving waste and housing Here is the GreenMine update: We have identified several industrial waste [...]

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waste carbonisation plant

GreenMine secures first waste carbonisation site in Wales

We have secured our first operational site – an industrial location in North Wales. We will take control of the two-acre industrial site from the start of March and have already commenced planning and environmental permitting applications that are anticipated to conclude by the end of 2024. The site has a 20-year lease, with a 20-year feedstock contract and an offtake contract to the National Grid. John Bell, Managing Director at GreenMine said: “This is a really significant milestone for us in commercialising this near-to-zero emissions solution to landfill for the UK. “Our mission goes way beyond the usual benefits of a waste recycling [...]

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GreenMine is funding now and expects to have its first site operational by August 2024

GreenMine has co-developed a waste solution that processes unsorted waste into Bio-Coal (for electricity generation), Bio-Char (for agriculture), Bio-oil (numerous applications) and mineral recyclables (metals and minerals recycling). The exact proportions of the above offtakes depend on the constituents of the waste. Thus, GreenMine provides a solution for dealing with new waste, which benefits from a £90 per ton gate fee, and for dealing with legacy waste that has been sitting in landfill for years and could be now processed into the offtakes as detailed above and thus remediate landfill sites, returning them to brownfield or greenfield, ready for either industrial, [...]

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GreenMine is the new trading name for Pyrolysise

GreenMine, the new trading name of Pyrolysise Ltd, is gaining significant traction. GreenMine has co-developed a series of technologies designed for processing unsorted municipal waste (including plastics) from kerbside collection and landfill sites. One of them is detailed here. Municipal waste is a significant contributor to atmospheric pollution with landfill accounting for 4% of greenhouse gases in the UK. Landfills can also contaminate water supply through leachate into the subsoil. With GreenMine's technology, unsorted waste can be processed into bio-coal (allowing energy generation), bio-char (the new black gold), bio-oil (including lignin) and recyclables (glass, metals, minerals etc). Green baseload power and as [...]

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GreenMine Identifies Second Site

GreenMine has identified a second site for installation of its Waste Carbonisation Plants (WCP’s). The WCP’s can process unsorted waste, emissions and particle pollutants free, producing offtakes: Mineral Recyclables, Bio-Coal, Bio-Char and Bio-Oil. For these sites and others, we will be working with counterparties on site to utilise the Bio-Coal to develop baseload green energy and export to the grid. The mineral recyclables, bio-char and bio-oils will be sold off separately. One WCP, lease financed for circa £5M, will develop revenues of circa £290K per month. One WCP, which is based overseas, is currently processing 10% Municipal Solid Waste and 90% Plastic – which [...]

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Aleem Aftab

IT & Infrastructure

Aleem has a been working in the IT & Telecommunication Industry for the past 8 years. Aleem brings in his experience of working in an Internet Service Provider. He has also worked with major global brands and manufacturers in the Telecommunication Industry. Aleem looks after IT and Infrastructure at with added responsibilities.

Colm Macqueen

Grants, Subsidies & Credits

Colm has extensive experience of green and environmental inventions through his work as a multilingual translation professional specializing in intellectual property (IP) and marketing since 2015. He is a Qualified Member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting and provides language services both as a freelancer and agency owner. His background spans various countries and industries including recycling, finance, tourism, education, telecommunications and software. Colm is a keen supporter of initiatives and innovation for sustainable development. He is delighted to contribute to the GreenMine team by strengthening its fundraising efforts.

Dr Jacqui Taylor

Clean Tech Advisor

Dr Jacqui Taylor is #15 Most Influential Woman in UK Technology and one of 21 Most Inspiring Women in Cyber she was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science in recognition of her 25 years of international web science research to deliver an equity agenda for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). She founded the Empathy Economy and pivoted her company FlyingBinary to meet the challenges of Web 3.0, the Metaverse IIoT with spectacular results. As one of the Top 100 European Angel Funders she has mentored many hundreds of 7,8,9 figure Founders including three unicorns, one on their way to decacorn. She is an Expert Advisor to the UK, EU, G20 and the United Nations on the future of technology and its impact on the sustainability agenda. As a High-level climate leader recognised by the UN for the delivery Net Zero 2030 plan she works with Fortune 500 clients to accelerate and implement their climate commitments. Her own personal commitment to climate change is the delivery of climate champion resources to her investment network, and over 10 million Empathy Economy businesses in 173 countries.

Jane Maher

Public Relations

An experienced, strategic PR and marketing professional with more than 20 years under her belt. Latterly, she has held several key senior roles including PR director, regional director and managing director of a satellite site at a fully integrated marketing agency.

She has worked across a variety of sectors including energy and renewables.

Amanda Jack

Investor Relations

Amanda has recently joined GreenMine as part of the Investor Relations team. She is delighted to be working with such a great team on these exciting, innovative projects. Prior to this she worked at CIBC for 17 years with the Investment Banking team and the Equities desk. She was responsible for their international roadshows and client events. Client relationships have been a main part of her previous roles, and it is something which she enjoys.

Paul Vousden

Corporate Communication

Experienced and successful senior executive. A seasoned entrepreneur who built his own PR and marketing company from zero to a million-pound fee business; followed by an interim career in large public and private sector organizations.

He has worked with many early-stage companies on strategic planning, market positioning and raising investment.

Helen Passfield

Head of Finance

Renewable energy asset management positions within major developers and fund managers from 2010. A founder member in several energy businesses and instrumental in their expansion and financing. Helen’s specialisation is wind, solar and BESS construction and asset management, she has worked on projects globally.

Nicholas Dimmock

Head of Investor Relations

Involved in the environmental sector since 2007, with over 50 environmental projects from municipal solid waste composting in India, to 1500 MW hydroelectric projects in Ecuador and the pre-construction development of over 260MW of solar sites in Mexico.

Chris Farmer

Project Manager

A qualified Chartered Surveyor, specialising in minerals, waste and environmental management. Chris has worked in the mineral extraction and waste management sectors for 25 years, involved in a wide range of disciplines including quarry and landfill site development. Since 2011, Chris has run his own waste brokerage and consultancy business, achieving sales over £40M.